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Hello there wikian, and welcome to the Authors and Artists Wiki! This is a wiki for writers, artists, and viewers alike to come here to share ideas and have fun! We hope you find your time here worthy of being memorable, and we also hope that you make many friends!

Feel free to make a page to share your art or writing, and be sure to look into the many events and competitions held here. There's lots to do here, so feel free to wander around, make new friends, and share your work. Don't hesitate to reach out to any one of the awesome powerusers here if you have a problem, a question, or an idea! Finally, be sure to read our rules page before you start editing, as we want to keep this wiki a safe and engaging environment for everyone.

Feel free to contact any of our wonderful powerusers if you have any questions or ideas to grow the wiki! The staff here will always be willing to help you if you’re having any issues.

Now, go off and fo whatever you want! Have fun! We’ll see you at the Authors and Artists wiki!

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